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Zach is currently accepting students in the greater Tucson, Arizona area.  He enjoys teaching a wide range of students of all ages, from beginner level to very advanced.


My approach to teaching the flute is holistic to ensure that the student is acquiring a broad range of skillsets that will complement other areas of learning.  Students will develop the fundamental building blocks of playing the flute such as sound production, technique, rhythm, as well as dynamics, phrasing, and musicality through the study of long tones, scales, etudes, and solo repertoire.  Professionalism, physicality, effective communication, time management, and work ethic are topics that we will touch upon frequently.  These skills can be applied to every aspect of life.   


Each student will establish agreed upon musical goals and that we will use to develop a practice framework.  Effective practice and personal assessment techniques will be highlighted so the student will be able to progress on their own and master concepts in between lessons.


Thirty, forty-five, and sixty minute lessons are available.  Please utilize the inquiry form linked below if you are interested in lessons!


30 minute lesson ($25)

45 minute lesson ($35)

60 minute lesson ($50)

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